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Tax Return Preparation

The tax code becomes more complex every year. You don't have to suffer through forms you don't understand and new tax code changes. Have an experienced professional from Snyder & Gaggini look out for your best interest and ensure you receive every deduction you are entitled to.

Tax Services

IRS Audits

The last thing you want to hear is that you're getting audited. But when you do, you'll be relieved to have the proper representation. A professional at Snyder & Gaggini will lead you through the audit process and talk to the auditors on your behalf. Never go through an audit alone again!

Payroll Tax Problems

Payroll Tax Problems

Don't let the IRS shut down your business for back payroll taxes. The IRS continues to use Enforced Collection when it comes to unpaid payroll taxes and unfilled payroll returns. Allow our tax professionals to resolve your payroll tax problems now.

Delinquent Tax Returns

Delinquent Tax Returns

Let Snyder & Gaggini help you with your unfiled tax returns. Many taxpayers find dealing with the IRS frustrating, time-consuming, intimidating or all of the above.You need an experienced professional in your corner to deal with the IRS for you.


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